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Great additions to Outlander S4


Greetings, my fellow fanatics! I’m frantically working on finishing my Top 100 posts before the Seaon 4 premiere, but in the meantime I have some casting updates for us to feast upon! This paragraph was brought to you by the letter F.

Cast biographies are provided by STARZ. Warning: Season 4 spoilers ahead. Enjoy!

Oliver Finnegan: Lord William


It seems they have recast an older actor to play William, Viscount Ashness, ninth Earl of Ellesmere. And what a cutie pie he is! I’m pretty sure he’s pictured here in this screengrab from the trailer:


From the press bio:

“14 year old Oliver attends the Sylvia Young Theatre School on the Andrew Lloyd Webber full scholarship. His debut in the theatre was playing Eric in Matilda the Musical – 2012-2013. He then won the role of Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane directed by Sam Mendes. He…

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Grave markers at Culloden

Culloden Battlefield

When people visit Culloden Battlefield most will inevitably head out across the moor and stand in front of the large memorial cairn in the centre of the field. Surrounding the cairn are most, but not all, of the grave markers on the field so it seems fitting to turn our attention to the history of these markers.

Old photo of the Clan Mackintosh marker

The markers on the battlefield were put in place in 1881, some 130 years after the battle. One of the main question we are asked regards the names on the stones, as many carry the names of one or more clans who fought at Culloden. We have had geophysical tests of the area completed and they show that the area around the cairn does indeed hold many mass graves but how the names on the gravestones were chosen is something of a mystery.

clanstones Selection of gravestones at Culloden

Clansmen would…

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And, the layers come off… Outlander 3.1 “Uncharted”

My Outlander Blog!

imagesOutlander on Starz  took us on a voyage across the seas and into uncharted territory this week.  The show has also provided my maiden voyage into fandom and it has been a trip filled with treasure troves of unique opportunities to learn about film-making. Terry Dresbach, the costume designer for the show, has been very accessible to fans who are genuinely interested in what she does and how she does it.  She has been open to questions and very generous in sharing the thoughts and the work that goes into creating for the show.  Because of Terry’s generosity, I’ve learned that costume designing is about supporting the story and helping to develop the characters.  I’ve learned that costume designing isn’t about parading pretty clothes across the screen, unless that is what the story warrants.   I have learned that costuming is storytelling.  And, this week, Terry once again proved she is…

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“A story told is a life lived”…a reflection on Outlander 3.09 “The Doldrums”

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I’m sitting at home drinking hot tea and convalescing from some sort of bug. This is one of those times when real life conspires to interfere with my Outlander life.  I’ve watched the “Doldrums” several times and found it delightful, but was too sick to think about what I saw let alone write.  What I’m thinking about this morning, in between sips of Earl Grey, is the journey. Voyager is the name of the book this season is based on and I find it aptly titled. This couple has been on a voyage back to each other and the love they once shared. Diana’s story of two passionately committed people and the show’s version of their story have taken us on a voyage too. Both versions are epic in scale, detail, and truth about the human condition and I’m finding myself grateful for both.

The line of dialogue I can’t…

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A Review in Three Acts: Outlander 3:06 “A. Malcolm”

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by Beth Wesson


Prior to the Print Shop episode “A. Malcolm”, Outlander executive producer/writer Matthew B. Roberts, commented on Twitter that he just might go into hiding after the episode aired.


At the time, I laughed because I understood where he was coming from.  The Print Shop sits on hallowed ground inside the book fan’s hearts.  I laughed at his tweet, but a part of me shivered.  I’ve seen the cast, producers, directors, designers, and the writers eviscerated by fans on Social Media. I was actually concerned for him! And, I wondered, if in part, his decision to take on writing the Print Shop scenes was based on taking one for the team! On the other hand, he got to write the Print Shop.  What a wonderful challenge.  I’ve enjoyed Matt’s adaptations in the past and I know that he “gets” how important this story and its characters are…

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