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I’ve said this before, but one of the great things about writing a blog is hearing from people from all walks of life. In the past, I’ve posted comments from actors and producers because of their unique perspective. This past week , I heard from someone who adapts books into scripts for TV. We all would like to think we know how to adapt Outlander for the screen (just look anywhere the show is discussed on social media), but this person KNOWS. She agreed to let me share her thoughts in a post.

Thanks Lori!

I am an avid Outlander fan. Been reading the books since they were each released. I remember being at the library for each subsequent release and waiting anxiously for them to catalog it so I could be the first to take it home. (LOL – it got to the point that they’d call me the…

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A Jacobite Journey through Scotland

The Jacobite army of Scotland traveled through some gorgeous areas while battling the British to regain their freedom during the uprising of ’45

Culloden Battlefield

In the National Trust for Scotland we are lucky enough to have several sites which are connected to the Jacobite story so we thought we’d look at a few of these special places and share their unique stories.

Firstly, to the majesty of Killiecrankie. This steep sided gorge was home to the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689 in which the Government army was sent north to deal with Viscount Dundees newly formed Jacobite army. The Jacobites were able to rout the Government army, but it came at a cost. Roughly one third of the Highland force was killed and Viscount Dundee was mortally wounded. He died on the battlefield and was carried the few miles to the nearby parish church of St Bride, above Blair Castle where he was buried.

killie Killiecrankie in the Autumn

The death of Dundee, in the midst of the confusion of a cavalry charge, became the subject of numerous legends…

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